London-based Willem de Boer is a guitarist, music producer, and beat maker who works under the pseudonym will.sketches. He specialises in funk and  soul.

Willem has been making music since he was 8 years old. He started his musical journey on the piano, and was mentored by famous Dutch jazz pianist and arranger Lex Jasper in the early '90s.

After falling in love with grunge in that same decade, he switched to guitar. What followed was the usual dream of becoming a rock star, fronting bands and writing his own material. Many bands and many years later, with the rise of the internet and DAWs, Willem transitioned into writing and producing music from his home studio.

Willem spends his time producing music and licensing beats to artists across the globe. His credits includes The Voice, BBC Radio, and he has worked with recording artists with 1+ million streams across DSPs.

He also works as a remote session guitarist, and has played sessions in the following genres: funk, hip hop, soul, and rock.

Willem performs live as a band leader with his working quartet, or as a sideman/dep for bands across the UK and Europe.